48V-12KW MCU & Motor_x005f (Water Cooled PMSM)

Product Image Parameters
48V-12KW MCU

MCU main technical data:
Nominal voltage:48V
Nominal power:12kW
Peak power:30kW
Continuous working phase current:346Arms
Peak phase current:850A@30s
Voltage range:36-54V
Working ambient T:-40~65(℃)
Cooling manner:liquid
Maximum efficiency:98%
Position sensor type:Resolver position sensor
Protection level(MCU PCBA):IP67
Note : single MOS parallel together to Drive module;
 260A peak  for 1 single MOS; totally 12 MOS parallel connection;

Dimension: about 230mmx230mmx98mm

48V-12KW Motor
(peak speed 15000 RPM)
Main data:
Nominal Voltage:48V
Nominal Power:12kW
Peak power:25kW
Nominal speed:2800rpm
Peak speed:15000rpm
Nominal torque:41Nm
Peak torque:100Nm
Continuous 3Phases current:348A
Peak 3phases current:850A@30s
Cooling manner:liquid water cooling
Flat wire motor (with enameled wire, the end welding is  Brazing of silver phosphor copper ), with pressure vacuum coating;
Isolation level : H
MCU + Motor integration Module  


Main materials selection - Motor
Stator Diameter: 155mm
Stator slots: 36
Rotor pole number: 6 poles
Iron core material: 35W300
Permanent magnetic material: N40UH
Electromagnet wire: 1*2.15mm
Conductor per slot: 6
Number of parallel units: 4
Parallel Branch: 6
Iron core length: 118mm
Winding form:Single layer chain
Tank full rate: 89%

External characteristic curve-Motor

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