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TCU controler adopts 32-bit high-speed spc563mxx control unit. Spc563m Series MCU is specially designed for controlling automatic transmission system or four cylinder engine. It has up to 1.5MB embedded flash on chip memory, built-in dedicated coprocessor to reduce CPU load and integrated digital signal processor function.

1. AS01 FF 5EMT, input torque140-180N·m,EMT technical platform

2. AS02/ AS03 FF 6EMT,input torque180-260N·m,Hybrid+EMT technical platform

3.AS03A FF 5EMT, input torque140-180N·m,Hybrid+EMT technical platform

4.AS04/AS05 FR 5EMT, input torque200-280N·m, Hybrid+EMT technical platform

Hibroidd has two type of clutch platforms, mechanical and hydraulic. F5MF25A1 has its own hydraulic sub pump circuit, so we using the hydraulic clutch mechanism (as shown in the figure below), as and arranging the space layout of engine's front bin.

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