PHEV Power Traction System for Light Boats

Electrification of Boat Power Traction System – PHEV
1)For light boats, the electrification of power traction is the trend with a lot of advantages :  increase efficiency of the power traction system, decrease of the exhaust gas emission, increase the power performance, and low noise;EV and PHEV power traction system have bright future for application!
2)PHEV power traction technology can let the boat to be traveled with pure EV mode with in the battery range limit, and be operated also with DIESEL engine for long range traveling ; While the boat can be plugged in for electricity charging during parking time;
3)With PHEV technology, two modes existed i.e. BEV and PHEV which can greatly increase the boat operation safety for long range;
4)The PHEV boat can be charged with DC quick charger, and also with A/C charger of 220V or 380V;
5)Compared with the vehicle, the boat can easily digest the high cost the electrical power system such as battery and motors;
6)The PHEV boat  can also increase the boat drivability performance;

PHEV – Power Traction Unit (dual motors)

Functions: of power traction unit :
1) Pure EV traction (2 gear ratios);
2) Range extender : Diesel Engine  generates  electricity  for battery and  motor;
3) Diesel engine direct traction( high speed);

PHEV – Motor MCU Inverters

Generator MCU
Nominal Power: 50kW
Peak Power: 100kW
Continuous Phase Current: 180Arms
Peak Phase Current: 400Arms
Working ambient T: -40~55℃
Cooling manner: Liquid
Maximum efficiency: 98%
Protection Level: IP67

Traction Motor MCU Inverter
Nominal V: 352V
Nominal P: 55-70kW
Peak P: 110-130kW
Continuous Phase Current: 230Arms
Peak Phase Current:  500Arms
V range: 260~410V
Working ambient T:  -40~55℃
Cooling manner: Liquid Cooling
Maximum Effieiency: 98%
Position  sensor: Resolver
Protection Level: IP67


PHEV – Motors (Generator & Traction Motor) -1

Traction Motor
DC Voltage range:280-440V
DC Voltage:350V
Nominal P:65kW
Peak P:130kW
Nominal Speed:2800rpm
Peak Speed:6000rpm
Nominal Torque:222Nm
Peak Torque:410Nm
Continuous 3Phase current:245A
Max 3Phase current:450A@60s

PHEV – Motors (Generator & Traction Motor) -2

Traction Motor
DC Voltage range :290-440V
DC Voltage :350V
Nominal P :45kW
Peak P :100kW
Nominal Speed :2800rpm
Peak Speed :6500rpm
Nominal Torque :160Nm
Peak Torque :380Nm
Continuous 3Phase current :158A
Max 3Phase current :400A@60s

DC Voltage :350V
Nominal P :45kW/3800rpm
Peak P :60kW/6500rpm
Nominal Speed :3800rpm
PFC :0.96

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