Hiboridd is a leading R&D and manufacturer of core technologies and products for automotive power control systems in China. It have three independent corporate enterprises: Beijing Hiboridd, Hunan Hiboridd and Jiangxi Bozhi. The core team has more than ten years of accumulation of core technology research and development, entrepreneurship and cooperation experience.

Hiboridd has built an independent research and development platform of automotive power control system which has reached the international advanced level. Hiboridd has many intellectual property rights and patents in the field of automotive core power control systems.
Hiboridd is committed to providing power control products (electronic injection EMS system, automatic transmission AMT control system, electric power control system which include the vehicle control, motor and motor controller, range extender and hybrid power control system, power battery system, thermal management system, etc.) for the fast-developing energy-saving and new energy automobile industry.

With the above-mentioned core control technology and products, Hiboridd has strong competitiveness and system integration advantages in the power control system market for energy-saving and new energy vehicles.


Become an excellent technical enterprise in the power control system industry of energy saving and new energy vehicles :
  • To add value to customers and improve customer satisfaction and recognition.
  • Motivate employees to help them realize personal value.
  • Make profits for company and add value to shareholders and partners.


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