Lithium Battery System

288V441Ah lithium-ion battery

Application: Lithium battery system for Engineering machinery, Construction machinery, Electric Vehicles, Electric boats, etc.
The nominal voltage/capacity of the battery system is 288V/441Ah
Total power: 127Kwh.
It consists of a 15pcs 7P6S battery module, which makes it be 7P90S.
The battery system is composed of a High-voltage distribution box, battery modules, BMS, heating system, high/low voltage harness, etc.
Adopt a natural cooling system between the battery module for heat dissipation.
The battery system is equipped with engineering equipment, in order to ensure the structural strength of the box, the upper and lower casing using Q235 thick steel plate weld-forming.
The IP grade of the battery casing meets the requirement of IP67.
Dimension: 2830×1210×312mm
Weight: ≈2000kg
Max. Continuous charging rate: 1C
Max. Continuous discharge rate:1C

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