Brushless Electronic Water Pump


Brushless electronic water pump using permanent magnet brushless DC motor, high efficiency, low power consumption, longer life and lower noise  than the brush motor.
Technical advantages:
Excellent design structure: The water pump head is connected with the motor rotor cavity, the motor rotor cavity is completely isolated from the motor stator, so that is completely waterproof and leak proof. The motor water pump has high efficiency.
Pump motor independent design, safe and reliable, environmental protection and energy saving.
It can realize PWM speed regulation, analog signal input speed regulation, potentiometer manual speed regulation, and realize lift and flow regulation.

Technical parameters:
Water pump type: Rotary vane type
Medium: Freezing liquid (50% absolute ethanol + 50% water)  can be selected according to user's requirements
Refrigerant oil: RL68H can be selected according to user's requirements
Flow: 100L /H-3600L/H
Speed: 1000-6500rpm, adjustable
Power: 0.8-120w
Noise: < 50dB noise chamber detection
Working temperature range: - 35-105 ℃
Working voltage range: DC9v-30v truck (DC24-30v) water pump can be customized

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