Power Traction

Electronic Clutch


Minimum investment
The manual transmission is completely unchanged, only add eletronic clutch actuator on it
Minimal investment and change
Simple driving control
Cancel the clutch pedal to realize the same 2 pedal system as the automatic gear
Shift without throttle back
Maximize the realization of clutch protection and transmission chain protection
Enjoy driving
Automatic start and creeping function
Adopt controlling of engine speed
Allow to drive in any gear. The engine intervenes to drive the vehicle according to the driving intention under the optimal working condition, realize excellent power experience
High efficiency and fuel saving
Start/stop, and taxiing function
Reduce starting energy

The system mainly consists of clutch actuator, control unit, harness, gear sensor and input shaft speed sensor
Function of electronic clutch system
1) Saving energy:
High speed disconnection
Reduce starting energy
Start/stop, and taxiing function
2)Clutch life
Clutch temperature model and alarm function
Prevent clutch transmission torque overload
Prevent engine speed overload during gear shifting
3)Driving comfort
Quick acceleration buffer assist
Clutch antiskid control
Engine flameout assist
Vehicle starting assist
Creep condition assit
Upshift assist
4)Automatic driving
Traffic congestion conditions assist
Park assist

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