Power Traction System

FF Extended Range EV (P1+P3) Drive System


Engine+  FF P1+P3 dual motor gearbox coupled mechanism integration

1) The engine (4 cylinders) generates electricity through a speed ratio driven generator (permanent magnet synchronous) to charge the battery or directly drive the motor
2) The drive motor (permanent magnet synchronous) drives the wheel as pure electric driving mode, and the reduction ratio is 6-7
3) The generator is coaxial with the driving motor
4) At high speed, the engine can drive the shaft directly
 Engine power generation speed ratio is 0.392, motor drive speed ratio is 6.875, and engine direct drive speed ratio is 2.927

Drive motor & generator (Integration of start-up and power generation) controller

High power, small size, especially suitable for plug-in hybrid (including extended range) applications
◆ Using the industry's largest power density module, PIN-FIN direct water cooling, power density is 40% higher than similar products
◆ Double side water cooling structure design, compact structure, high integration, plane size is reduced by 30% compared with single side layout
International leading functional safety design
◆ Multiple safety measures such as active short circuit, redundant power supply and signal read back
◆ The latest generation solution of multi-core lock step control chip and power management chip in the industry
◆ MCU+CPLD+SBC 3 layer software monitoring architecture to improve security
Design meets the national standard's EMC, easy access to subsidy policies
◆ Completely meets the Class 3 level
◆ Adopt multistage LC filter, to optimize the topology structure and compact layout
Higher reliability
◆ Reduced the difficutly of process, through DFM/DFA.The design is easy to process and install, suitable for mass production
◆ The new capacitor structure design reduces the thermal resistance by 20%, and solves the problem of capacitor heat dissipation short board in PHEV application
◆ Online system condition monitoring, active optimization control algorithm, reduce the loss and thermal stress, prolong the life of the device

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