Power Traction System

FF Extended Range EV Power Drive System (Dual Motors P1/P3)


This system is an extended range vehicle power drive system developed for electric vehicles; it adopts the developed special V-type low fuel consumption engine (patented technology) technology platform, integrates the coupling gearbox with Hiboridd's patented technology, and the coaxial dual motor of Hiboridd's special using; it can be used in front-drive or extended to the longitudinal rear-drive extended range drive system.  

Through the matching design of the coupling gearbox with the engine and dual motor, a variety of working modes such as motor drive, engine power generation, engine direct-drive and engine power assist are realized,  and can realize the motor drive, engine direct-drive and power generation 3 speed ratio output respectively.   

The system adopts specially developed 2-cylinder V-type naturally aspirated engine (20-30kw), with small NVH vibration and small axial layout space; adopts lean combustion, low fuel consumption and good emission; high compression ratio, dual spark plug asynchronous ignition, high power rise and good combustion.

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