Power Traction System

FF P275 Hybrid Vehicle Electromechanical Coupling Transmission System

System Features
The axial dimension is only 370mm, most A-class cars can be easily arranged
48V drive motor coupling  and gearbox is the radial direction
The position of the 48V drive motor is P3 and P2, which can be automatically switched, to support the automatic start of the engine
The motor is used in P3 position with two gears. The low gear can meet most of the purely electric driving needs, reduce the number of engine starts, and achieve the efficiency characteristics of the motor in both high and low gear.
The motor is used in P3 position, which can provide additional torque compensation during gear shifting. There is no sense of power interruption whether in automatic or manual gear shifting.
HCU considers the efficiency of the engine and motor, selects the motor at P3 or P2 position to control the torque distribution, and ensures the optimal overall efficiency of the system.
The engine mainly works in the middle and high-speed section with good fuel economy. The engine has 4 gears and the speed ratio has been optimized.
When the vehicle has a large torque demand, the engine smoothly intervenes, and the oil and electricity are driven in parallel.

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