Lithium Battery System

Lithium Battery System EK-2A

Application: Lithium battery system for Electric vehicles, Electric boats, Electric Agricultural Machinery, etc.
The nominal voltage/capacity of the battery system is 343.1V/96Ah
Total power: 32.93Kwh.
It consists of a 14 pcs 2P6S medium battery module, makes it be 2P94S.
The battery system is composed of a High-voltage distribution box, battery modules, BMS, heating system, high/low voltage harness etc.
Adopt the heating film heating system between battery modules, and the cooling type is nature cooling.
Upper casing using RFP material, Lower casing using Q345 sheet steel material weld-forming, to ensure the strength and lightweight requirement of the battery casing.
The IP grade of the battery casing meets the requirement of IP67.

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