3 Phase air cooled 48V-BSG MCU



Nominal Voltage: 48VDC
Voltage Range: 20-60V
Continuous Current: 270A rms
Peak Electric Current: 370A rms
Peak Generation Current: 360A rms
Controller Cooling Type: Forced Air Cooling
Peak Generation Speed: 18000 rpm
Peak Electric Speed: 8000 rpm
Working Temperature: -40~105℃

1)Noise: Meet VTS requirement.
2)EMC: Meet the vehicle pass the EMC test.
3) Low-pressure test requirement Max. altitude: 4000m.
4)Working ambient temperature: 95%Rh, It can work safely with surface temperature below the dew point.

1)RPM precision: ±100rpm (Deviation between actual speed and speed command)
2)Torque precision: <3% (Deviation between actual torque and torque command)
3)Motor Working Ambient Temperature: 40-105℃
4)Leakage Current: ≤0.1mA
5)Max. Efficiency(include invertor): ≥85%  Measured Max. efficiency 91% @5000rpm
6)Insulation Class: H
7)Insulation Strength: >2㏁
8)Motor IP Grade: Motor: IP25 above
                              Invertor: IP6K9K above
9)Votage Range:
Working Voltage: 20-60V
Over-voltage: 54-60V
Over-voltage functional limitation: 52-54V
Full power operation: 36-52V
Mild under-voltage functional limitation: 30-36V
High under-voltage functional limitation: 24-30V
Under-voltage: 20-24V
10) Electric model performance:
Peak electric power: ≥12kW@105℃, @20s@5000r/min
Continuous electric power: 4kW@5000r/min@105℃
Peak electric torque: 52Nm,@2s,@0-2500rpm
Continuous electric torque: 6Nm@5000rpm,@105℃
11) Generation model performance:
Peak generation power: 12kW@20s@5000rpm,@105℃
Continuous generation power:≥ 4kW@5000rpm,@105℃
Peak generation torque: 35Nm,@20s,@5000rpm,@105℃
Continuous generation torque: 6Nm@5000rpm,@105℃
12) Ripple voltage: 15HZ-30HZ<6V
13) Voltage precision: ±0.5V (Deviation between actual voltage and voltage command)
14) Current precision: ±5% (Deviation between actual current and current command)
15) Cooling type: Air cooling

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