Hybrid Mini-Truck (PHEV/HEV)


Mini-truck Hybrid (PHEV/HEV)

New Energy plug-in hybrid mini-truck(PHEV)– Prodcut advantage
1、Green label C license, unimpeded
 Plug-in hybrid mini-truck, can get a green license, have the right of way of new energy
2、No worries about mileage
 Not rely on charging pile, solves mileage anxiety, has no range limit, and has a comprehensive range of 450km +
3、Automatic transmission, good power performance, heavy load
 P275P275 hybrid structure realizes AMT automatic transmission without power interruption, with good power performance, 1.6T full mass, 1.6-2T load or higher, heavy load and higher income
4、 High quality, higher residual value
 Quality car factory OEM production, quality assurance; Compared with the battery decay problem of pure electric vehicles after running for a long time, The residual value of the plug-in hybrid vehicle is higher;
5、Good economic performance
 Compared with fuel vehicles, the vehicle has the advantages of the right of way and higher urban distribution income; the plug-in hybrid technology route has lower average fuel consumption; compared with pure electric, it can solve the mileage anxiety and save time and cost. If you run more every day, you can earn more every year;
6、Advance technology
 Hyboridd has an advanced level of hybrid electric vehicle and engine control unit, automatic transmission control unit, Battery management system, permanent magnet synchronous motor controller and other independent intellectual property rights of the hybrid core control system and patents powertrain technology;

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