Power Traction System

PHEV Electromechanical Coupling System


PHEV electromechanical coupling system for light truck and micro truck

1)  Single motor-electromechanical hybrid coupling box is connected in series with the original 5-gear box on the output shaft; the structure is simple, reliable, and mature
2)Add AMT shift mechanism(+clutch mechanism) on original gearbox, to become an automatic shift
3)Motor hybrid coupling box is connected in series with the output shaft of the gearbox as a sub-box. The motor hybrid box is 2 shift AMT automatic transmission, 1st shift ratio is 2.839, 2nd shift ratio is 1, rear axle main reduction ratio remains unchanged, is 5.375.
4) Above single motor P275 PHEV structure can realize:
--- When the gasoline engine drives the 5th gear and the AMT shifts, the motor will assist without power interruption;
--- For pure electric drive, it is driven in second gear, and the engine stops at this time;
--- When it is driven by pure electricity, the engine can start quickly (the engine is driven by the original gearbox, 3rd gear or 4th gear or 5th gear)
--- During the hybrid operation, the engine and the motor drive simultaneously (the hybrid box runs in the 2nd gear, and the speed ratio is 1);
--- It can realize parking (idle and parking) power generation (using the neutral position of the hybrid box) and driving power generation;

P1+P3 dual-motor extended range

Four cylinder gasoline engine+5AMT+Motor+2AMT

Four cylinder gasoline engine+5AMT+Motor(Hollow shaft)+ Single reduction

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