Portable Range Extender of Rotor Engine


The electric vehicle protable sustainable power bank

The portable range extender has great application potential in new energy vehicles. Portable, can be stored in the trunk of the new energy electric vehicle, charging the electric vehicle at any time, to solve the range anxiety and vehicle limping endurance, is a sustainable portable charger for electric vehicles;
Rotor engines are compact and light-weight, high power.
1) Nominal RPM: 3000- 7000 RPM
2) Nominal Output Mechanical Power: Around 12KW
3) Weight:8-12KG (Engine)
4) Fuel:Diesel  
5) Cooling System: Water Cooling System
Hiboridd integrates the portable rotor engine range extender unit:
1) Total weight is around 25-35KG, which includes engine accessory, cooling lubrication system, integrated tank, engine, and controller.;
2) Nominal generation power 10KW and 20KW two series.

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